The inauguration of

The United Organizations of the Horse


The United Organizations of the Horse is a gathering of likeminded individuals and organizations who support the incredibly complex and diverse world of horses and horse people, and seek to provide an effective voice for the horse owners of America. We are organizing around three pillars—a nonprofit, a trade organization, and in the future we may contemplate a political and legal action arm of the trade organization.

The first pillar is already established, the United Horsemen’s Front, which is organized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable and educational organization whose mission is to unify horsemen and horsewomen in a common goal of achieving humane and realistic solutions to the unwanted horse problem from the perspective of experienced horse people who have the best interest of the horse at heart. To achieve this goal, the United Horsemen’s Front provides accurate, timely information to promote horse welfare and the health of the horse industry. A new initiative which will join forces with other organizations like the Faces of Ag in Nebraska, the American Horse League in South Dakota, and the National Tribal Horse Coalition to organize a nation-wide network of horse owners, ranchers, and farmers who are always available with horse trailers, hay, feed, veterinary care-whatever is necessary to come to the aid of law enforcement, livestock agents, brand inspectors, and others who may be dealing with a situation involving abandoned, starving, or neglected horses.

The second pillar is a trade organization, the main body of the  United Organizations of the Horse, is open to horse owners, equine professionals, breed registries, horse related sporting organizations, horse related recreational organizations, businesses, and others who adhere to the Core Principles of the United Organizations of the Horse. The organization serves as an umbrella organization and a focal point for leadership for all like-minded horse related organizations, and concerned individuals in order to form a cohesive, effective national voice that works both ways-ensures that the horse owner’s concerns are addressed at the federal level-and that the local, state, and regional organizations have resources and support to organize coalitions and committees, and to influence and address issues at all levels.

The third pillar of the comprehensive triad will be the United Horsemen’s Political & Legal Action Fund, which will eventually be organized as a national political action committee and legal defense fund.  The Political & Legal Action Fund is conceived to be an effective and adequately financed voice on Capitol Hill, in State Houses, and in Local Chambers nation-wide, as well as expert legal representation for members facing adverse court actions, and a mechanism to consider pro-active court actions.